Build reproducible and automated deployments with Infrastructure as Code, Docker and Kubernetes.

  • Improve developer productivity by with CI/CD pipelines and GitOps by pull request.
  • Reduce application downtime and implement Blue/Green deployments and Canary rollouts.
  • Utilize Auto scaling, Serverless Architecture and Pre-emptible instances to save up to 80% on compute cost.
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Data Analytics

Every Company is a Data Company. Making the fastest and best use of data is a critical source of competitive advantage.

  • Architect scalable data layer for optimum application performance.
  • Build data pipelines to ingest and transform batch and streaming data.
  • Migrate on-premises data to cloud.
  • Setup Big Data and Machine Learning pipelines.
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Protect Data, Identities, and Application with layered security at Cloud, Cluster, Container and Code.

  • Build immutable infrastructure and zero-trust network to protect against threats.
  • Integrate security into CI/CD pipelines.
  • Fine-grain identity and access controls with continuous monitoring.
  • Encrypt data at rest and in motion to protect against unauthorized access.
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